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        Get no Frills Coding tutorials, guides and coding resource reviews, including the Best coding bootcamps to learn from.

        My name is Stephanie, a self-taught and learned code junky. I’ve been learning how to code for 6 years now. I’ve been through the hardships of not knowing where to start, so trust me, I feel you! I’m here to share what I’ve learned over the years that may serve you in saving some time in your coding journey! I share my personal tips, tricks, and reviews of the latest companies that teach coding. How to code for beginners is what we’re all about.

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        As a Beginner, Computer Programming can be overwhelming.

        As I started to learn code, I began with sheet sheets as well as introductory programming tutorials. There are third party sites to ask questions when you get stuck like Stack Overflow. As you get familiar with basic code text editors and repositories through Github, you can look for affordable shot coding tutorials through Udemy, Pluralsight or Treehouse.

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        Programming has a dynamic range of different sub-topics that we can go over. Type types of languages to what the best course of action to take on your project is, we try and go over the most relevant programming topics so your always up to date. Learn Code For Free Learn MongoDB Best PHP Frameworks Linux VS Unix Best Javascript Frameworks Django VS Flask Common Coding Languages Python 2 VS Python 3 Free GUI Tools for MYSQL Coding Books Developer VS Engineer 2018 Programming Salaries VB.NET Interview Questions

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        Coding tutorials can be a slippery slope. this is because most beginner coding tutorials only go over one of two aspects of the topic they talk about. with our tutorials, we give basic examples but also references and resources to make sure you can expand your abilities on that framework or programming language. Jquery Best Practices Jquery 101: Intro SQL Map Tutorial fdisk Linux Partition Clearn Arp Cache What is Tripoli? Reset Django Password Setting up Lighttpd

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        Code Education

        We review lots of parts of programming but digest it in a way that any beginner can dive in and get more info on. We range from basic tutorials (like Jquery), to informing our readers what the best resource is for your coding venture! Some Articles from our “Best Of” Series is: PHP Frameworks Coding Monitors Javascript Frameworks Coding Mouses Code Language to learn first Coding Keyboard Jquery Best Practices Coding Laptops Common Programming Languages Coding Tools

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        When we started out as a self taught coders, we wished that we would have had a resource to give personal insight and details into who is the right source for training and who isn’t. This is why we researched the best coding resources online and reviewed for you! Team Treehouse Review Udemy Review Udacity Review Lynda Review CodeSchool Review Treehouse Techdegree Review Codecademy Review The Tech Academy Review Bitdegree Code Review Pluralsight Review

        More Reviews

        If you are brand new and don’t know where to get started, click below to get started on our introductory series of what code is.

        Series: Learn What Code is


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        Self-Taught Tech Head and Developer (still in progress)

        When I started college in Business Administration in Seattle, little did I know that my technical side would take over and would soon find a love for tech and Software Development. From then (2006), my venture started!

        Skimming the service on how-to guides off and on never did it for me. Coding for dummies was a waste of time. I set out to test out the best coding boot camps online as well as online code training resources. Coder’s eye is me documenting my path as I continue to figure out what I want to do with my coding knowledge.

        Take a peek at my recent content and tell me what you think in the comments section!

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